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Don’t you love to save time and money? With this 190 Page Mix and Match Manifestation Workbook and Planner package that comes with Private Label Rights and you can do just that. 
You will have the ability to Mix and Match, Customize and Create several completely unique products. There is no editing required, just pick and choose the pages you want to include.

Here’s a Quick Summary of What’s Included in This Package

Manifest The Best Workbook and Planner

  • 4 Visually Enhanced Front and Back Covers
  • 9 Basic Front Covers
  • 9 Basic Back Covers
  • 14 This Manifestation Workbook and Planner Belongs To Pages
  • 18 Undated Daily Planner Pages
  • 9 Undated Weekly Planner Pages
  • 9 Undated Monthly Planner Pages
  • 9 Manifesting Goals Workbook Pages
  • 9 Manifesting Focus Workbook Pages
  • 9 Life Areas Wheel Workbook Pages
  • 9 Wish List Planner Pages
  • 9 Letting Go Planner Pages
  • 9 Receiving In Planner Pages
  • 18 Manifesting Checklists Workbook Pages
  • 9 Celebration & Rewards Workbook Pages
  • 9 Affirmations Cards Workbook Pages
  • 9 Vision Board Workbook Pages
  • 9 Manifesting Journal Planner Pages
  • 9 Manifesting Routine Planner Pages
  • 3 Manifesting Checks to the Universe
File size 8.5 x 11, You will receive PPT, JPG and PDF Formats

Motivational Coloring Pages

  1. I Am the Best Version of Myself
  2. I Can Take Care of Myself
  3. I Can Reward Myself
  4. Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About to Happen
  5. I Put My Energy to Worthwhile Endeavors
  6. I Can Be Healthy and Fit
  7. I Am Mindful and Grateful
  8. I Desire to Create a Life I Love
  9. I Will Honor My Commitments
  10. I Can Be Happy and Content with My Life
File Size 8.5 x 11 in PDF and JPG formats

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You may use this product for Commercial Use to create new planners and journals to self publish, for clients, or sell on e-commerce platforms.

You cannot use Printable Island’s name and you cannot resell the PLR Rights to this content in any form.

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